Dishreserve Food Brands

Domenica Bertolusso and Beppe Montanaro, founders of the company, started their experience in the “truffle world” in 1968, marketing the fresh truffle from the Piedmont region.
Pasta Martelli
Many Italian pasta factories closed their doors, but not the Martellis. With great courage, the brothers Mario and Dino with their wives Valeria and Lucia faced the new market without giving up their artisan identity. How? By sacrificing quantity, to focus on quality.
Casa Rinaldi
Casa Rinaldi is born from the passion for the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and takes its name from the building of 1888 housing in his attic the old vinegar factory of the Rinaldi family, a place where time seems to stand still, here in several batteries and forty antique and valuable barrels slowly takes life the precious black gold of Modena is known throughout the world.
Olio Roi
“Roi” is the historical nickname of a branch of the Boeri family, which has been involved in oil for four generations. The Roi olive groves are all in the Argentina valley, where only Taggiasca olives grow. The history of the Roi family began in 1900 when Giuseppe, the great-grandfather Pepin u Roi, built the first oil mill using the wood and stones of our valley.
Galateo & Friends
Galateo&Friends offers you the best of the famous “Italian well being” through a concept dedicated to those people who like to enjoy beautiful things
Fratelli D'acunzi La Carmela
From father to son, from 1958 to today, Fratelli D’Acunzi is facing a new generational change, as some children of the 4 current partners have taken the same path as their predecessors, with absolute determination.
Il Borgo Del Balsamico
Although a young business, Il Borgo del Balsamico was awarded two major prizes even before its products were sold on the market. The first was in 1996 for a battery of casks. This was followed by other firsts in the competitions held every year by the Confraternity of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia.
Saline di Cervia
The Parco della Salina di Cervia company was established on 8 December 2002 by the will of a group of local authorities that became its founding members. These are the Municipality of Cervia, the Province of Ravenna, the Po Delta Park and the Ravenna Chamber of Commerce. 92% public, with only one private partner, the Terme di Cervia di Brisighella.
Terre Bormane
Highlight with a fresh and light breeze of innovation. Terre Bormane moves the elements in a perfect direction: this great nectar takes shape with its natural discretion, its rare balance and its noble simplicity.
Montanari & Gruzza
Born in via Emilia. Montanari & Gruzza was born there, in via Emilia, seventy years ago. The road that crosses a territory where secular, even millenary tradition has grown thanks to innovation and development.
Pasta Di Liguria
The Minaglia brothers have been making artisan pasta for over 30 years from their hometown of Montoggio, in the Appennine mountains near Genoa. Specializing in traditional shapes from the centuries-old tradition of pasta-making in the region, they have grown to become the leading producers of Ligurian specialtiy pasta, with their award winning shapes being enjoyed the world-over.
The over thirty years of experience gained within the Breeders System ensures customers a relationship based on the best guarantees of reliability and fairness. Compral was created with the aim of providing in Italy and abroad for the marketing of farm animals belonging to prestigious breeds registered in the Herd Book and quality meats, as well as providing services related to both the breeding phase and subsequent marketing.
La Casa Del Grano
The expertise and experience of our skilled pasta makers is an integral part of every production phase, guaranteeing a top-quality product, that is aesthetically pleasing and excellent to cook. The effort we put into selecting the primary ingredients, processing and drying phases means we can show off all the goodness of our pasta, in transparent packaging, where the smallest detail can be observed.
ECORÌ Agricola SRL was founded in 1999 as a cooperative but later turn into a limited liability company whose asset is held mostly by the farmer. Their aim is to produce and sell the best quality of rice they cultivate. The farm gathers up only the cream of our partner’s crop, which has about 1300 hectares under rice cultivation and manufactures it in the rice mill of our partner Giuseppino Viazzo.
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